Stonabox is a grassroots seedbox company that was started because we could never get fully satisfied with service after trying many other providers. StonaBox is an attempt at doing it right. Where everyone can get just what they need, with no more and no less. With great customer support that treats you like a human, not another ticket number. With Quality product without any gimmicks or limitations. Hopefully with these in mind, we can achieve our goal.

We offers premium seedboxes on 1Gbit servers, and dedicated 100Mbit servers at cut rate prices, along with custom made-to-order servers if your interested in something different than what we offer. Check below to see just some of the factors that make stonabox a great solution for all your seedbox needs.

* A max of 7 users per server!

* All slots come with secure rtorrent and ftp access!

* All dedicated servers come with full root access!

* Custom client plugins and themes!

* HTTPS access to all your files right inside your client GUI!

* Unlimited Bandwidth!

* Great customer support from other torrent enthusiasts!

* Knowledgable tech support to resolve all problems FAST!

If you have any questions, or just want to know more about StonaBox, check out our CONTACT page.